IoT Edge Computing Platform Gravio V2 Launches in Japan

We are proud to announce that Gravio version 2 ( has successfully launched in Japan. We are now rolling out across the globe, starting with the EU and the USA.

Gravio is a platform that connects IoT devices and it is built for companies who like to start small and quickly, and yet have the possibility to scale up robustly and fast. Other than most IoT platforms, Gravio leverages the power of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

One of the new features of Gravio is it’s Software Sensors: Cameras can be used in combination with AI/ML and image detection to be used as sensors that can pick up anything that can be visually detected.

From counting people in a room to observing traffic flow or the occupancy of parking spaces, Gravio software sensors can be trained for anything.

Because all processing is conducted at the edge of the network rather than in the cloud, there are also no privacy issues concerning the images captures. Images are not being stored after processing.

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