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IoT Edge Platform Gravio 3 Released, now available with Gravio Hub
IoT Edge Platform Gravio 3 Released, now available with Gravio Hub

In the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the use of the term Edge Computing. Stats on Wikipedia show an increase of approximately 180% between January 2017 and August 2019.



This shows how the trend is emerging and people start to think of conducting more processing of data at the edge of the network rather than in the cloud. At Asteria, we firmly believe that in the future, the “brain” of a space has to sit within the space itself. This has multiple advantages such as:

  • owners have more control over data and privacy
  • the system operates on lower latency
  • an Edge setup is less resource-intense
  • there is no reliance on the network
  • it is potentially cheaper to operate because there are no data transmission costs
  • it’s more resilient and secure because it’s decentralised nature

With our development of Gravio 3, we have introduced the following new features:

  • The main update is the Gravio Hub. We now ship Gravio with a piece of hardware that can be easily deployed. All you need is a wifi connection and a USB-C power supply. Gravio Hub now comes with the Gravio Standard package or higher.

Gravio Hub

  • Gravio Lights are colour LED lights that can be controlled with Gravio (shipping end of September). This allows you to create simple indication lights controlled by Zigbee, such as for example whether a meeting room is occupied or free.
  • Gravio Wireless Double Buttons allows you to control and trigger Gravio actions at the press of a button.
  • Both the Gravio Lights and the Double Buttons are available for rental. If you are already a Gravio client and wish to replace any of your current devices, please return the rented device and apply for the new device on our website.
  • Gravio Studio for macOS now supports the creation of Actions
  • New integrations with Twilio (SMS Notifications), LINENotify and PATLITE
  • New supported devices (OMRON environmental sensors, etc.) so we can start monitoring the environment better and trigger appliances accordingly
  • We have added an enterprise version which can be deployed within a corporate infrastructure. The enterprise version also uses modern distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) to verify and protect the data between the different edge nodes. Please check for details

Outside Europe and North America, we have furthermore launched our face and object recognition software which allows triggering of specific actions depending on the person or objects coming into a camera picture. This technology is powered by our partner Gorilla Technology, a face and object recognition software specialist from Taiwan.

Please join our Slack channel to find out more about Gravio or get your starter kit or Standard kit. We are excited to see what people around the world are going to build with Gravio!

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