Automate your environment with Gravio, a non-programming middleware application able to connect to an IoT ecosystem. Gravio makes it easy for users to connect, manage and control multiple IoT networks through a simple drag and drop visual interface. With Gravio, building powerful and intelligent IoT networks is accessible to anyone.
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Simplify your life with an IoT ecosystem.

Gravio enables people and businesses to connect IoT devices, monitor and orchestrate them so they interact smoothly with each other, bringing the power of edge computing to anyone through just a few clicks.

Focus on business logic rather than coding.

Gravio has a simple and intuitive visual interface to send automated commands to IoT devices, either locally or over the internet. The power of an IoT ecosystem is endless; for example, fans can be turned on automatically if a humidity sensor detects a certain level of humidity in the air, lights enabled under certain conditions. Only your imagination is the limit.

Efficient workflow creation with drag and drop.

Configuring your IoT network doesn’t require any technical or programming knowledge. Drag and drop components to set up your IoT network and make devices interact with each other in the most efficient way.

Built from the ground up with security in mind.

Gravio uses internet banking standard encryption SSL. Data at rest can be encrypted on the terminals. With cloud services, information is backed up regularly.

Harness the speed and efficiency of edge computing.

Edge computing enables the processing of data quite literally at the edge of the network. This configuration allows data and logic to be processed in real time with minimal latency and bandwidth usage, as the control application is local to the IoT ecosystem.

Connection agnostic to support almost any IoT device.

Gravio supports various means for connecting IoT devices, including Bluetooth®, Wifi and USB, offering ultimate flexibility when building your ecoystem.

Gravio Cloud solution.

Gravio Cloud is an optional cloud service for managing Gravio accounts and configurations. Gravio Studio settings can be securely backed up to the cloud, and then managed and distributed among multiple terminals.

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