Platio enables businesses to create their own Internet of Things (IoT) mobile applications tailored to their needs. The applications are created and managed in a simple to use web interface and do not require any programming knowledge.
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Build IoT apps easily.

Create and configure your own mobile apps to collect data on the go. Platio uses your camera, GPS, text input and other IoT devices to gather a wide range of data types.

Hassle-free distribution.
Always up to date.

The mobile apps are hosted on an app platform and can be pushed and updated easily to the workforce’s mobile devices. This way the staff always has the most up-to-date version of your mobile app.

Connected data storage.

Data gathered by an IoT device controlled by Platio is stored in a scalable and secure, online database. The information can be easily accessed, analyzed and exported for further processing.

Supported by the ever increasing IoT ecosystem.

Platio supports a number of IoT devices out of the box. From healthcare sensors like blood pressure and body temperature monitors to manufacturing sensors for measurement devices, Bluetooth® Low Energy devices and environmental monitoring, Platio’s sensor inputs are a simple plug-and-play solution for IoT networks.

Stay on brand.

Ensure that your Platio apps stay on brand with custom color schemes and images (paid for version only).

Built from the ground up with security in mind.

Platio uses internet banking standard encryption SSL. The data gathered in the online databases is encrypted at rest and backed up on a regular basis.

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