Investor RelationsHow to Use IR Site

How to Use IR Site

Font Size Change

You can change font size to S, M and L using font size button located in upper right-hand corner of the page. M is the standard size and set as the default.

* Font size change can be done by web browser’s font change function.
* Font size on images is unchangeable.

Change Text Size button

Print page

Click print button located in upper right below the site search box. You can print out the content without side navigation.

* You can also print out your browser print function.

Print button

Change Languages

Click Japanese button located in upper right below the Contact button. It will take you to the same Japanese content.

* If Japanese is not available, IR top page will show up.



Click RSS button located in upper right of IR news under IR Top page. IR related news and press release updates will be distributed in RSS format.

Click subscription button for the distribution after choosing application you use from below URL.

RSS button

Link Icons

Link IconsDefinition
Open in a new window
Open PDF file
Download a zip file
Open video page, text file and other document contents

Viewing Environment

We recommend viewing this website using below browser.

Windows UserMacintosh User
Internet Explore 11 or newer version
Google Chrome latest version
Firefox latest version
Safari 6 or newer version
Google Chrome latest version
Firefox latest version

Breadcrumb Trail

A breadcrumb trail located left-hand bottom displays a hierarchy of the current page in relation to the website’s structure.

You can track page location within website or follow back to the starting or entry point.


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