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IR Basic Policy

While Asteria Corporation appreciates that all stakeholders (includes shareholders and potential investors) evaluate the company value accurately, the company has established a fundamental policy for the purpose of keeping our business transparent and increasing corporate trust.

Moreover, from the perspective of corporate social responsibility, the company ensures every employee follows this policy.

Importance of IR related Activities

Asteria has been referring to “American Ventures” since its establishment, which is a successful model of “together with investors”. It is our belief that shareholders and investors are essential partners for business growth, and the company places a great importance of IR related activities as the prime communication between the company and shareholders/investors and also as an important topic for business management.

Basic Policy

Asteria, for long-term entrusted relations with shareholders/investors, enforces IR related activates based on policies as follows:

Asteria discloses accurate information in a timely manner to shareholders and investors.
Asteria does not disclose specific information to specific party(s) for the fairness of information disclosure.
Asteria strives to expand disclosure of information for which shareholders and investors might find specific interest.
Asteria aims to disclose information using easy to understand expressions and charts.

Disclosure Standard

The following is our disclosure standard.

The information is disclosed timely in accordance with rules of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
In addition to information required by Japanese Law and rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Asteria may choose to disclose information that might be effective for shareholders and investors to learn more about Asteria.

How Asteria discloses information

Asteria discloses information through “Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet)” provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange for timely disclosure. At the same time, the information is posted on the company’s website so that it is more widely published outside the company.

IR Activity Quiet Period

To prevent information leakage and unfair disclosure, the company established a quiet period; from the next day of quarterly closing date to announcement date of financial results. During this period, Asteria refrains from providing comments, answering inquiries or setting up individual meetings/briefings for analysts in regards to financial results. However, even during such period, the company makes announcements as necessary if the results differ materially from previously announced estimates.

Information Disclosure System and the Flow

Asteria information disclosure system and process flow is shown below:

 Information Disclosure System and the Flow at Asteria

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