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Asteria creates the Chief Transformation Officer (CXO) post aimed at promoting DX and no-code products

Press Release
Tokyo — May 9, 2022 — Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) announced today that it has created the Chief Transformation Officer (CXO) post and appointed Iwao Nakayama to assume this role with his stint starting on May 12.
Iwao Nakayama, left, who will
become Asteria’s CXO and
President and CEO Pina Hirano

The aim of the creation of the CXO post and appointment for the role (effective on May 12)

Asteria has established the post of CXO as a new senior position with the aim of expanding and sophisticating our evangelists’*1 activities. As the first CXO, Iwao Nakayama intends to promote digital transformation (DX)*2 at companies of varying sizes and from diverse industries, including small to midsized enterprises and local ones, by raising awareness of products that do not require coding, or no-code products.

NameNew post (effective on May 12)
Iwao NakayamaChief Transformation Officer (CXO), Chief Evangelist

<Profile of Iwao Nakayama>

Nakayama, a native of Nagano Prefecture, graduated from the faculty of engineering at Hosei University. After having worked for several foreign-affiliated IT vendors and SoftBank Corp., he served as chief evangelist and a member of the board of directors at Fujitsu Ltd. At SoftBank, Nakayama focused on promotional activities for business users as an evangelist for iPhones and iPads, which significantly contributed to the spread of smartphones in Japan. With specialties in smart devices, cloud, robots, AI and IoT, he gives 300 or so lectures per year across the country as part of his promotional activities for business users. While continuing his activities as one of the leading evangelists in the country such as writing books and appearing on TV shows, he also teaches at more than 30 domestic universities as a special lecturer.

  • [Message from Iwao Nakayama]

    DX is slowly progressing in Japan, compared with the rest of the world. Nevertheless, many companies and local governments are willing to drive DX internally, but are often not sure where to start, where to turn to for advice, and how to approach it. I strongly believe that “no-code” which enables the immediate introduction of solutions at worksites without the need for coding is the key to solving these problems. Based on this belief, I intend to take on the challenge of advancing DX at Japanese companies and transforming the software culture in Japan as CXO at Asteria.

The inaugural video message from Nakayama
(available only in Japanese) :

*1 : Evangelists in a company promote technologies or products to a wide audience.
*2 : Digital Transformation involves changing the way people work or live for the better

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Posted: May 09, 2022 15:00

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