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Building Maintenance Company Yusei Adopts Platio and Creates Apps for Employee Health Management and Safety Confirmation in 3 Days

Press Release
Tokyo — May 30, 2022 — Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) announced today that no-code* mobile app building tool Platio has been introduced by Tokyo-based Yusei Co., which offers maintenance services for offices and commercial facilities.

Background and effects of the introduction

A Platio app allows employees to report their health condition such as body temperature with a smartphone before heading to work
A Platio app allows employees to
report their health condition such as
body temperature with a
smartphone before heading to work
Since its establishment in 1952, Yusei has accumulated a great deal of know-how through its extensive business operations including facilities management, cleaning, security and construction for office buildings and commercial facilities, while at the same time engaging in research into new technologies. For further growth in the future, the company is also considering promoting the digitization of its work and digital transformation efforts.

Yusei has set its eye on Platio, which enables users to build apps befitting specific in-house tasks without coding for a monthly fee of 20,000 yen, with no initial fees required, and decided to introduce the product in November 2021.

As the first project using Platio, Yusei built an app to keep tabs on the physical condition of workers during COVID-19 pandemic as an alternative to email- or phone-based daily reporting of the workers’ health status by e-mail or telephone. Yusei’s managing director, who had no programming experience, created its unique “health management app” in just three days without coding by himself, and deployed it for 40 employees at the Tsukuba office and the head office.

With the health management app, almost all reports can be made by selecting from a dropdown list; this process can be completed by anyone in just 10 seconds from a smartphone. The app combines a mental health check function in addition to body temperatures and other health conditions, providing more detailed information than the conventional reporting method. This has contributed to the maintenance and management of employee physical and mental health. Furthermore, those in charge of managing the app can now efficiently monitor the status of all employees remotely, leading to early detection of mental health problems.

Yusei also created an “employee safety confirmation app” as part of its Business Continuity Plan. At the request of an employee working on the frontline, the company also built a “business improvement proposal app” in about an hour; it has been put into operation. The company plans to continue to create original business apps that meet the needs of frontline workers, thereby promoting the digitalization of operations and DX.
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    [Health management app]
    – Reports health conditions, such as body temperatures and other information before going to the site
    – Push notifications are sent to an administrator when employees report a fever or positive test result.

    [Safety confirmation app]
    – Reports safety in the event of an earthquake of intensity 5 or higher
    – Push notifications are sent to when reports other than “safe” are made.

A Message from Yusei

  • We expected Platio to serve as an “ignition” tool. First, I took the initiative in developing an app to raise employees’ awareness of the use of digital technology. I started the project with this in mind, and soon after an “app for business improvement proposals” was created based on an employee’s idea. This app allows employees to quickly notice problems in buildings and facilities they are entrusted to manage, make suggestions for improvement, and quickly share and address them.
    I developed the app in just one hour and deployed it on the same day. We believe Platio’s strength lies in its ability to bring ideas into shape.
    We intend to expand the use of Platio to other operations and locations in the future.
    Susumu Nemoto, executive director at Yusei Co.

Business Plan

Platio has been highly evaluated for its ability to create and deploy business apps unique to individual companies without coding in just three days, and adopted by companies and organizations in diverse industries. The product has also helped expedite DX at worksites through the digitalization of on-site operations and streamlined work processes. As a result, sales almost tripled in FY2020, compared with the previous year, and this trend continues into the current fiscal year. The aim is to achieve 500 downloads by the end of FY2022.

*A mechanism which allows creation of software and apps without writing a single line of code. Platio users can deploy necessary functions and modify app’s specifications to make it more serviceable at worksites, even if they do not have expertise in a programming language.

About Yusei Co.

Since its foundation in 1952, Yusei Co. operates the building maintenance business centered on facilities management, cleaning and security with a “customer-first” motto.
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About Asteria Corporation

Asteria Corporation develops and sells software and services which connect a variety of in-house computers and devices. Its key product, ASTERIA Warp, is data integration middleware has used in nearly 9,664 companies*, mainly large and medium ones. Another product, Handbook, allows users to carry around materials used for sales activities and meetings as well as product catalogues in electronic files on smartphones and tablets. A total of 1,647 companies* and public institutions had adopted the product. (*Numbers are as of the end of March 2022)
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About Platio

Platio is a cloud service which allows users to easily create and use mobile apps that fit specific tasks without coding. By capitalizing on apps which are optimized for each task, Platio promotes digitalization at worksites and improves efficiency of manual processes. Apps created with Platio can be distributed immediately for use at worksites. Data that users entered into an app is stored in the cloud and will be shared real time the up-to-date status of worksites with managers. Apps also can automatically detect changes in entered data and send an alert to managers so that they can quickly respond to anomalies. Apps for businesses tend to be complex and expensive. As an easy app building solution, Platio won Good Design Award for fiscal 2018.
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Posted: May 30, 2022 11:30

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