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Sato International Patent Firm Adopts ASTERIA Warp Core; A Patent Attorney with No Development Experience Builds IT Infrastructure that Supports Teleworking without Coding

Press Release
Tokyo — Oct. 6, 2022 — Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) announced today that Sato International Patent Firm, Nagoya-based patent attorney office, has introduced the subscription version of ASTERIA Warp, ASTERIA Warp Core (“Warp Core”), which has held the largest share of the domestic enterprise data integration software market (EAI/ESB) for the 15th straight year*.

Background and Future Initiatives

The image of an in-house mail envelope
The image of an in-house mail envelope
Founded in 1968, Sato International Patent Firm is a patent attorney corporation which provides services related to intellectual property and boasts top-notch personnel and experience in the Tokai region in the fields of electricity and electronics. While the firm began effort to improve business efficiency around 2000 and introduced a patent management system in order to promote the digitalization of internal operations. Meanwhile, the conventional paper-based business processes remained in place, with in-house mails being exchanged between patent attorneys and administrative staff members for certain procedures and communications.
To strengthen its measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic, Sato International Patent Firm has shifted to teleworking. It then came to light that the conventional paper-based process, which required employees to come to the office, hindered the progress of work, among other problems, leading to a decision to fully digitalize this process.
Therefore, the firm adopted kintone for further digitization of operations, so did Warp Core as a tool to integrate it with the existing patent management system. Warp Core enables low-cost, no-code development, so even personnel with no IT knowledge can develop, modify, and maintain the system, making it possible for the firm to achieve a complete in-house development and eliminate the dependency on the knowledge of specific employees.
To introduce the new process, patent attorneys who have no experience with system development built a system integrating the patent management system and kintone after studying its usage with videos. In just three months, patent attorneys and administrative staff were able to digitalize their paper-based communication. In addition, the real-time synchronization of the system allowed them to keep track of new projects and their progresses regardless of where they are working, which significantly improved their work efficiency.
In the future, the company plans to promote data integration with Box, which stores and manages business-related documents, with the aim of further automating and streamlining intellectual property operations.

The Image of the System Before and After Introduction of ASTERIA Warp Core
The Image of the System Before and After Introduction of ASTERIA Warp Core

Business Plan

The Asteria’s Warp business has been expanding steadily with the number of companies which have introduced the product exceeding 9,700. In addition to the data coordination needs from digital transformation projects seen across a wide range of industries and such demands related to the revised electronics books preservation act, the new market is expanding — the demand related to the invoice system compliance is also expected to increase.
Going forward, Asteria will continue to expand sales of Warp’s functions to link with diverse data sources in various industries and take advantage of its no-code feature to support the use of data to solve social issues such as IT human resource shortages and to contribute to the promotion of business efficiency and automation.

* According to the “Overview of software marketing in 2020 — the EAI/ESB market edition” published by Techno Systems Research Co. EAI/ESB stands for Enterprise Application Integration and Enterprise Service Bus, respectively, and is the enterprise data integration product category.

About Asteria Corporation

Established in 1998 as Infoteria Corporation, Asteria developed its first no-code product in 2002. It sells software and services which connect a variety of in-house computers and devices. Its key product, ASTERIA Warp, is middleware which integrates data in different computer systems without coding. As of end-June 2022, 9,739 companies, mainly large and medium ones, had introduced the product. Another product, Handbook, allows users to carry around materials used for sales activities and meetings as well as product catalogues in electronic files on smartphones and tablets. A total of 1,653 companies and public institutions had adopted the product through end-June 2022.
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About Sato International Patent Firm

Sato International Patent Firm is a patent attorney office operating in Nagoya for more than 50 years since the establishment of its predecessor. With several patent attorneys with strengths in their respective fields, the firm is well equipped to handle a variety of intellectual property issues. Also as a medium-sized firm with high levels of flexibility, it offers services tailored to the needs of a wide range of clients in Nagoya and elsewhere in Japan. Because of its history, the firm was unable to break away from its long-standing document-based business processes. However, taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic of the past few years, the firm has digitalized business and management systems in the office, thereby enhancing efficiency and security.
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About ASTERIA Warp

ASTERIA Warp, the No. 1 EAI/ESB product in the Japanese market for 15 consecutive years, is middleware that allows data from different computer systems to be linked without coding. The product has been highly evaluated for its ability to implement complex logic needed to connect and convert data between various systems — from mainframes and cloud servers to spreadsheet software — without programming. The subscription version, Warp Core, is also available for a minimum monthly fee of 30,000 yen with no initial fees required. Warp Core enables business automation and data utilization by quickly linking with various systems and services.
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For the press enquiries, please contact Masumi Koizumi of Asteria’s PR and IR department.
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For product and service enquiries, please contact Takeya Higashide of Marketing Division.

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