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HIRANO, Yoichiro, CEO of Asteria Corp., has been awarded the Management Award by Zaikai Magazine

Evaluated dealing with COVID-19 pandemic by blockchain and promoting diversity

For Immediate Release
January 25th 2021
Asteria Corporation

TOKYO, January 25th 2021 – Asteria Corporation (Japan listed, Security Code: 3853) today announced that HIRANO, Yoichiro (Pina), CEO and Founder of Asteria Corporation, has been awarded the Management Award by the publisher of the Zaikai magazine (hereafter Zaikai). He’s been evaluated dealing with COVID-19 pandemic by blockchain technologies and promoting diversity in Asteria group.

Details of Zaikai Award and Management Award by the Zaikai

Outline of Zaikai Award and Management AwardZaikai Award and Management Award honors businessperson who contributes World’s and Japan’s economy. Zaikai Award founded in 1953, Management Award founded in 1955.
Award WinnersZaikai Award
YANAI Tadashi / Chairman, President and CEO of FAST RETAILING CO., LTD (Operating UNIQLO)

Management Award
YOSHIDA Kenichiro, Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Corporation
NISHIURA Saburo, Chairman, Representative Director of Hulic CO., LTD
NAKAYAMA Tetsuya, President of TRUSCO Nakayama Corp.
HIRANO Yoichiro, Founder and CEO of Asteria Corporation.
KIMURA Kazuyoshi, President and CEO of Shelter Co., Ltd
MERA Haruka, CEO of READYFOR inc.
About the Award HIRANO has been honored.2020 Management Award
Award reason
Asteria‘s management slogan is “Connect the world with Software”. They are top share company in 2 industries, one is the middleware for connecting different systems in several companies, and the other is the cloud service for mobile contents management. They are focusing on cutting edge technologies such as blockchain and AI as well. Asteria hold a virtual shareholder’s meeting last June in terms of infection prevention of COVID-19 by using their blockchain based remote voting system.
Mr. Hirano also promotes making opportunities to employ devised peple including LGBT. And he contributes reconstruction of Kumamoto Pref., his hometown where heavily damaged by the earthquake and storms. Those social activities have been evaluated as well.
  • Comment of Award Winner, HIRANO, Yoichiro (Pina)
    I’m pleased to be awarded the Management Award which has long history and honorable value. We have focused on developing software for connecting systems, companies and people all over the world since foundation of Asteria. I appreciate to be evaluated our business strategy and our enlightenment activities in terms of infection prevention of COVID-19.

Profile of Award Winner;
HIRANO, Yoichiro (Pina), Founder & CEO


HIRANO, Yoichiro (Pina) is the Founder and CEO of Asteria Corporation since 1998. He also serves as a director, chairman of the board. In just 8 years, he led the company from start-up to successful IPO company at Tokyo Stock Exchange and then received a Japanese EAI Market Share No.1 for 14 years* in a row.
Beside of being the Founder and CEO, he taught Management of Tech-startups at Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate Program from 2008 to 2011 as a visiting professor. Prior to founding Asteria with Yoshiyuki Kitahara, CTO of Asteria, he led a team of Product Marketing and Strategic Planning for 10 years at Lotus Development Corporation, which is now a part of IBM Corporation. Before Lotus, he had developed one of the best-selling Japanese word processer as a software engineer.
Although he was accepted in Kumamoto University in Japan, he chose to drop out of the college for the huge opportunity in the innovative software product marketspace. That decision has been proven as the right one because of the successful corporation he runs today.

*Techno System Research, Inc., “A 2020 Software Marketing Overview EAI / ESB Market Edition” EAI / ESB stands for Enterprise Application Integration and Enterprise Service Bus, respectively. (edited)

About Asteria Corp.

Asteria Corporation, name changed from Infoteria in October 2018, was established in 1998 as Japan’s first XML-specialized software company and now develops software and services that connect various computers and devices for enterprises. The main product “ASTERIA Warp” can provide data integration between different computer systems without programming and has been employed by 8,824 companies, as of the end of September 2020. In addition, “Handbook” has been adopted by 1,589 organizations, as of the end of September 2020, as a standard for carrying electronic files such as sales materials, product catalogs, and conference materials on smartphones and tablets.

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Posted: Jan 25, 2021 15:00

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